Impaired number and function of lymphocytes in patients with common variable immunodeficiency: a consequence of activation induced cell death

Paolo Ruggero Errante, Francisco Sandro Menezes Rodrigues, Renato Ribeiro Nogueira Ferraz, Afonso Caricati Neto


Introduction: Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) is an immunological disorder characterized by defective antibody production. Objectives: To study the number, cell markers, activation surface molecules, lymproproliferative responde, cytokine production and apoptosis in PBMC. Methods: Thirty four patients with CVID selected by Division of Clinic Immunology and Allergy of Faculty of Medicine of University of São Paulo (FMUSP), Brazil were studied. Peripheral mononuclear blood cells (PBMC) of CVID patients and healthy individuals were evaluate to the expression of surface markers, activation molecules, lymphoproliferative response, cytokines synthesis and apoptosis. Results: In our work CVID patients showed decrease in T and B lymphocytes counts, CD25, CD69, CD40L and CD70 expression, and lower syntesis of IL-4 and IL-5. Furthermore, their lymphocytes are more susceptible to apoptosis following activation. Conclusion: The higher susceptibility to apoptosis may also be responsible for the decrease in the expression of activation molecules, cytokines and T and B circulating cells.


Apoptosis; Common variable immunodeficiency; human disease; antibodies.

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