Research in Omnichannel retail: a systematic review and quantitative content analysis

Belmiro N. João, Ricardo Pastore


Objective:This research aims to recognize innovating changes in global retail, identified by analysis of publications presented in high impact journals.

Method: The first stage was exploring the essence of the omnichannel terms in the Web of Science and Scopus databases. Was selected 80 publications in business intending to map the academic production and thus promote a better understanding of how the academy is conducting research efforts, identifying the findings, and presenting opportunities for future studies.

 Originality/relevance: The omnichannel theme is emerging, demonstrates relevance, novelty, but still requires theoretical robustness, since it is a matter of practical nature in search of new theories to give it more conceptual support.

Theoretical / Methodological contributions: The study, through a systematic review and quantitative content analysis, allowed mapping the academic activity on the topic, thus contributing to the advancement of future research. It also allowed us to conclude that this is an emerging topic, present in high impact journals, produced by researchers working in the leading research centers in the world.

Social / Managerial contributions: For the manager, the unique, complete, and harmonious shopping experience is the focal point, not the technology.



Omnichannel; Systematic review; Quantitative content analysis.

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