Systematic Review of the Literature Social Entrepreneurship and Skills Development: An Analysis of Past 10 years

Ibsen Bittencourt, Janette Brunstein, Angelo Antônio Cavalcante Martins, Paulo Henrique Desidério, Carlos Antônio Cardoso Sobrinho


For the social entrepreneur can create new business opportunities that generate high social impact we need to be prepared to deal with adverse market conditions and the numerous social problems. According to Oliveira (2004), social entrepreneurs need to have certain skills, abilities, knowledge and attitudes. Thus, the aim of this paper is to present the results of a systematic review of the literature on social entrepreneurship and the development of skills by answering the following research questions: what skills need to be developed and that are needed to increase the chances of a social entrepreneur have chance in business? And what theoretical gaps existing in the literature? The first step of the analysis was to define the research selection criteria. Due to the fact that this review has several sources to consider two types of strategies have been considered according to the study Beecham (2007). Of the 116 articles selected for the study 14 involving the concepts of social entrepreneurship and development of competence. The results indicated that: i) there is no clear definition of the responsibilities for social entrepreneurs succeed in business, ii) there is a theoretical gap, (iii) is important for the community that research skills to increase the number of studies that address social entrepreneurship, iv) there is a growth curve of the number of publications in the last decade. The more published works are expected to: reduce the threats to validity.


Social Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneur; Skills Development; Systematic Review



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