Knowledge Management in a Competitive Scenario of an Information Technology Company


  • Denise de Cuffa Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná
  • Claudio Antonio Rojo Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná - UNIOESTE
  • Emerson Antonio Maccari Universidade Nove de Julho



Competitive Scenario, Knowledge Management, Tacit Knowledge, Information Technology, IT Tools


This research aimed at proposing a knowledge management plan to increase competitiveness in an information technology company. It used qualitative methodology based on a study case, which analyzed the context of internal and external environments in which Intelitech Company operates. The data collection was divided into three steps: (1) application of a questionnaire to the manager and Intelitech employees, which was composed of knowledge management practices (KMPs), aiming at obtaining previous practices from the company and therefore internal critical variables; (2) application of Rojo’s (2005) scenario simulation model in order to identify external critical variables; and (3) formulation of a proposal for KMPs improvements according to simulated scenarios and the internal and external critical variables previously identified. So, this research resulted in the development of an action plan for two scenarios: (C1) case scenario to expansion of the market, therefore the company could hire new employees and expand its physical structure o, enhance IT tools and ask for manager's flexibility towards a new culture; and (C2) also to observe an unfavorable scenario of restricted market, it would be necessary to build customers loyal order to use IT tools, as well as interact and communicate with them. Thus, it was concluded and confirmed the hypothesis that knowledge management can enhance competitiveness of an IT company.


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Author Biographies

Denise de Cuffa, Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná

Instrutora de capacitação do Programa Bom Negócio Paraná

Claudio Antonio Rojo, Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná - UNIOESTE

 Professor of the Professional Master´s Degree in Business Administration - PPGA
and of the Master's degree in Accounting
Leader of the research group: strategy and competitiveness - GPECState University of West Paraná - Campus Cascavel, PR - Brazil

Emerson Antonio Maccari, Universidade Nove de Julho

Livre Docente em Administração pela Universidade de São Paulo - USP

Diretor do PPGA da Uninove




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Cuffa, D. de, Rojo, C. A., & Maccari, E. A. (2015). Knowledge Management in a Competitive Scenario of an Information Technology Company. International Journal of Innovation, 3(1), 17–34.