Study of Factors Contributors to Death of Micro and Small Companies in the State of Maranhão

Rodrigo Arraes Alvarenga


Enterprises are taking on an increasingly important role in society, both in the generation of employment and income, as in identifying niche markets not identified by large corporations. However, year after year a significant number of these companies end their activities. In this sense, the objective of this study was to identify and characterize the causes that contributed to the mortality of the State of Maranhão micro enterprises from 2005 to 2011. Thus, this research is classified as descriptive and explanatory, given the search for the identification of factors which led to the closure of activities, and a description of the characteristics of the owners of these organizations. The study sample of 3,752 companies, compared to a population of 39,039. And for economically viable research, it was used as a strategy for data collection a Call Center given by a dealership located in Bacabal - MA. Two months after making at least two connections for each entrepreneur, it was concluded that of the 10 cases tested, 6 had substantial involvement in the bankruptcy of the companies studied. Finally, recommendations are made for further studies, recommending a study that seeks to identify what activity the entrepreneur has ended after his venture.


Enterprises; Entrepreneurship; Death of Micro and Small Companies; Entrepreneur



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