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The International Journal of Innovation accepts the following categories of articles:

  1. Management of Technology and Innovation.
  2. Business and International Management.
  3. Strategy and Management.
  4. Innovation in Emerging Economies.

The International Journal of Innovation accepts the following categories of articles:

  1. Innovation.
  2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  3. Management of Technology and Innovation
  4. Business Innovation and Business Internationalization via Innovation
  5. Innovation Strategies and Innovation Management.
  6. Innovation in Emerging Economies – Frugal Innovation

The coverage includes the following specific areas:

  • Government policies and regulation in innovation
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship and Technological and Economic Development
  • Process and product innovation and diffusion
  • Innovation Economy
  • Innovation Marketing
  • Corporate Strategies in Technology and Innovation
  • Managing and commercializing intellectual property
  • Management and commercialization of Innovation
  • Cross-cultural management of technology and innovation
  • Managing creativity and creative teams
  • Innovation Environment
  • Management of Technology and Innovation Change


Management of Technology and Innovation; Business and International Management; Strategy and Management; Innovation in Emerging Economies

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