Are we References to Ourselves? Taking Stock of Academy of Marketing Conference Proceedings and their Role in Academic Education in Marketing

Francisco Giovanni David Vieira, Josiane Silva de Oliveira, André Torres Urdan


This paper approaches academic education in the field of marketing through academic production within the field itself. It presupposes that marketing publications are the main starting point for education in marketing, and analyzes whether the academic production of marketing scholars becomes a reference to the research developed by these scholars themselves. The empirical reference adopted for the investigation was the Academy of Marketing Conference proceedings, involving a longitudinal study covering a three-year period from 2007 to 2009. The main results reveal that academic marketing research published through the Academy of Marketing Conference proceedings have not been an important reference for the scholars who publish papers in the proceedings. This puts into perspective the role played by the Academy of Marketing Conference proceedings as a reference for marketing scholars as well as a reference for education in marketing and transformational marketing in itself. Final remarks concerning theoretical and educational implications are provided at the end. DOI: 10.5585/remark.v11i1.2290


Academic Production; Publication; Academy of Marketing; Marketing; Marketing Scholars

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