Relation among ecological affect, concern and knowledge and purchase behavior: a study regarding Mexican Consumers.

Emigdio Larios-Gómez


Objective: The objective of the research was to analyze sustainability and social development, in the search to determine the relationship between the constructs: Ecological Affect (EA), Ecological Concern (EC) and Ecological Knowledge (EK); And green purchasing behavior (GPB) in consumers.

Method: It was a quantitative descriptive study in a sample of 1,550 (valid 96%) consumers chosen according to the criterion of convenience (men and women between 21 and 55 years), in Mexico. With the using the Likert scale. Regarding the measurement of dependent and independent variables, he used the various subscales that make up the revised scale of attitudes and environmental knowledge (EAKS).

Originality / Relevance: The studies on ecological behavior in Mexico is relatively new, there are few works related to the purchase of environmental products from the perspective of ecological purchasing behavior.

Results: The consumer in Mexico presents a positive attitude toward the purchase of organic products and is even willing to stop buying those companies that pollute. The stakeholders (Society, Government, Company and universities) stimulate consumption in those individuals who are really committed to the environment, being aware of the economic change, for a change of health.

Theoretical / methodological contributions: This work contributes to the literature of organic consumption behavior in Mexico, little explored until now.

Social contributions / for a gesture: A new approach is given to the Maloney Scale, from a sustainable marketing perspective.


Green marketing; Ecological affect; Ecological concern; Ecological knowledge; Ecological purchase behavior.

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