The influence of the involvement with products on consumer practices of empty nest couples

Iara Silva da Silva, Liliane Antunes Rohde


Goal: to analyze the influence of involvement with products focused on leisure and gastronomy - books, trips and wines - on the consumption practices of empty nest couples.

Method: a triangulation of methods through exploratory (qualitative) and descriptive (quantitative) research, through in-depth interviewing techniques and questionnaires. For data analysis of the qualitative (content analysis) and the quantitative (descriptive statistics) research. At the time of analysis, the data is triangulated to arrive at the results.

Originality / Relevance: is present in the application of the New Involvement Profile (NIP) scale, tested and adapted to the Brazilian reality by Fonseca (1999).

Results: it is important to highlight that couples presented situational involvement with the investigated products; therefore, products have no relevant meaning and/or define couples’ lifestyle and self-concept. In addition, the consumer practices of empty nest couples reinforced their concern with keeping close bonds with their children.

Theoretical and Methodological Implications: the application of the New Involvement Profile (NIP) scale is a contribution in this field, being adapted to the Brazilian context and to a specific segment - the empty nest couples.


Involvement with products; Consumption; Empty nest couples.

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