Identification of students' expectations regarding higher education in the new social context: a meta-analytic study

Cristine do C.S. B. de Moraes, Maria Imaculada de Lima Montebelo, Rosana Borges Zaccaria, Graziela Oste Graziano Cremonezi


Objective: This study sought to identify the main aspects related to students' expectations regarding higher education.

Method: The research was conducted in the Capes (Coordination for Improvement of Higher Education Personnel), in the last 10 years, through blind review system. The scientific methods used were SLR (Systematic Literature Review), meta-analysis (Cooper, 2016) and content analysis (Bardin, 2011).

Originality / Relevance: Despite recent surveys on higher education, the originality of the study can be justified by the lack of studies addressing the expectation on higher education using meta-analysis.

Results: The article identifies the gaps that exist between the offer made by the HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) and what is really expected by students towards higher education. Such comprehension can contribute to improve the marketing strategies, as well as the management of the HEI services, by understanding the factors that may affect the student behavior.

Theoretical / Methodological Contributions: This research contributes to the understanding of the changes that have affected the education field, especially higher education, in which is noticed the increasing dropout and mismatch between the objectives of the subjects involved, as well as the profound ongoing changes in the social, economic and technological contexts. Therefore, it serves as a subsidy for marketing studies, especially on consumer behavior, as well as to surveys related to the higher education.


Consumer behavior; Higher education; Expectations; Students; Meta-analysis

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