Back school program for back pain: education or physical exercise?

Thayná Maria José Clemente da Silva, Niedja Natállia da Silva, Sérgio Henrique de Souza Rocha, Déborah Marques de Oliveira, Kátia Karina Monte-Silva, Angélica da Silva Tenório, Maria das Graças Rodrigues de Araújo


Introduction: Back school consists in an educational program aimed at preventing back pain and rehabilitating individuals with degenerative disorders. Objective: To evaluate the effects of back school components (education and/or exercise therapy) in relieving pain and improving quality of life in patients with chronic back pain. Method: Forty-one patients were randomized and allocated into four groups: (i) a back school group (educational lessons and physical exercise); (ii) an educational lessons group; (iii) a physical exercise group and (iv) a waiting list control group. Patients were evaluated before and after treatment with a visual analogue scale, a short form quality-of-life questionnaire, a Roland Morris disability questionnaire and a finger-floor distance test. Results: The back school group showed significant reduction in scores in the visual analogue scale and the Roland Morris disability questionnaire and an increase in the short-form quality of life questionnaire. Conclusion: The effectiveness of back school programs in chronic back pain patients seems to be due to the physical exercise component and not on account of the educational lessons.


Aging; Physical therapy; Musculoskeletal abnormalities.

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