Grassroots Innovations to Techno-Entrepreneurship through GIAN – Technology Business Incubator in India: A Case Study of Nature Technocrats

Hemantkumar P. Bulsara, Shailesh Gandhi, P. D. Porey


Entrepreneurship is the solution to solve a problem of unemployment in any economy. Normally, we think of Technology innovations, we think of Engineers from top Technology Institutions. But innovations may also come from Grassroots people. This paper gives the Case study of Nature Technocrats – small business firm of Arvindbhai who has been supported by GIAN (Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network), Technology Business Incubator for Grassroots Innovations in India. In India, there are many Technology Business Incubation centers but approach of GIAN is unique as it supports Grassroots innovators. This paper has come out of a larger study with Research design: Multiple Embedded Descriptive Case Study. The process of GIAN with unique mechanism of commercializing the Grassroots innovations is described. The problems in this area are also described. This case study may inspire other agencies in India or other countries too for working in the area of Grassroots innovations to Techno-entrepreneurship.  


Keywords: Grassroots innovations; Technology innovations; Techno-Entrepreneurship; GIAN; Technology Transfer.


Grassroots innovations; Technology innovations; Techno-Entrepreneurship; GIAN; Technology Transfer

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