Innovation ecosystems of brazilian federal universities: a mapping of technological innovation centers, incubators of technology-based companies and technological parks

Rafael Morais Pereira, Humberto Rodrigues Marques, Rodrigo Gava


Technological innovation as an engine for development requires a structural apparatus to its consolidation, reinforcing the approach of innovation systems, with emphasis on the role of universities. Therefore, considering that associated with this potential are present several innovative elements, such as the Technological Innovation Centers (NITs), the incubators of technology-based companies (IEBTs) and Technology Parks (ParqTecs), and given the lack of systematization National these instruments, the ultimate goal of this study was to analyze the environment for innovation in Brazilian federal universities, through the mapping of NITs, the IEBTs and ParqTecs associated with these institutions, further outlining the relationship of these instruments with technological variables (technological scholarships and patents). We used a qualitative and quantitative approach, descriptive nature, with collection of secondary data on institutional sites of universities and the adoption of simple linear regression analysis. The results realized all 63 Brazilian federal universities and revealed that the most widespread instrument between universities are the NITs, since its presence in 86% of the analyzed institutions. Have business incubators, idealized to strengthen interaction in innovation systems, are associated with 68% of universities, enabling regional development contexts. In relation to technology parks, it was found that, depending on the expenditure required for its implementation, only 26 universities are integrated into ParqTecs. The contributions of this study are concentrated in addition to the mapping done in highlighting the distinctions between the Brazilian regions in terms of scientific and technological structure and the importance of innovation ecosystems.


Mapping; Technological Innovation Centers; Business Incubators; Technology Parks; Brazilian federal universities.

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