Work Techno-resources and its impact on Technostress: a case study

Veronica Esperanza Ruiz Domínguez, Martha Ríos-Manríquez, María Dolores Sánchez-Fernández


The information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have changed how the professors in the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) conduct their activities that benefits their work and personal routines. Nevertheless, the lack of proper ICT tools needed to its implementation (Lack of Work Techno-resources-LWTR) causes stress disturbances, affecting the professor’s health. This research focuses in determine if the LWTR is defined by psychosocial factors as Techno-anxiety and Inefficiency. Also to understand if those factors contribute to the level of technostress in professors of the HEI in the Laja-Bajio region of Guanajuato, Mexico. The analysis includes a sample of 415 professors, and a descriptive, correlational and regression analysis. Results points that professors consider ICT as a factor to increase their self-efficiency, their work in teams and their autonomy, having enough technological equipment to accomplish their work activities. Results also showed that the Techno- anxiety is the factor that mostly influences in the Technostress. Besides, the multiple regression analysis determines the Lack of Work Techno-resources in the professors. In conclusion, this paper contributes to the knowledge of which factors, caused by the ICT, contributes to stress in higher education professors.


Technostress; Techno-anxiety; Inefficiency; Lack of Work Techno-resources; Higher level institutions



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