Process Innovation: a surfing manufacturer case study

Isabel Cristina Scafuto, Ana Claudia Belfort, Gislaine Teixeira, Emerson Antonio Maccari


Companies tend to adopt formal methods of product innovation, reinventing business processes to improve their speed and efficiency. Although the economic impact of process innovations is as relevant as the introduction of new products or services, this subject is often neglected in the general innovation literature. Aiming to contribute to scientific discussions, this study provides empirical evidence of process innovation by small businesses and its implications from the recent innovation theory perspectives (Un & Asakawa, 2015; Suárez-Barraza, 2013, O'Reilly & Tushman, 2004; Harmon, 2015). Classified as qualitative and exploratory research, it was conducted as a study method at a Brazilian company that manufactures surfing equipment. The main results demonstrate that incremental and architectural innovations co-occur. Furthermore, because they are effectively implemented, they require business process changes. The findings show that an integrated and adequate combination of the different types of innovation tends to contribute to the improvement of business results.


Process Innovation; Innovation Continuum; Surf Industry

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