The Social Media in the Projection of Regional Startups: Observations of the Profile of the Companies in the Social Networks

Paulo Henrique Martins Desidério, Ibsen Mateus Bittencourt, José Carlos Marques, Carlos Antonio Cardoso Sobrinho, Renato Neder


The model of startups has as characteristic generate an innovative business and prospects for quick returns, which imposes new forms of interaction with the market. Another cut is in the use of information and communication technologies as a tool in the marketing strategy. This behavior requires the use of specific tools to attract the online audience, using language that can spread in a cyber-activities environment. For this context, this study aimed to analyze the companies characterized as startups use social networking environments for dissemination and interaction with your potential consumer. The research methodology was qualitative and descriptive with content analysis of company profiles on networks like facebook and twitter, also with emphasis on raising classes that encourage consumers to become followers and replicators of a new company with an idea or innovative solution. The theoretical approach was guided in the networking universe to understand how Internet users interact and follow business organizations and in e-marketing, to explain about the development of marketing tools in the internet environment. There have also been approaches with companies through their channels of communication and dissemination of its portfolio of products and services set out in those networks to identify and realize the contacts with customers and the direct in their disclosures.


Social Medias; Startups; Social Networks; Innovative Business



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