Critical Aspects of the Innovation Management: the cases Natura and Oxiteno

Sheila Serafim da Silva, Eduardo Pinheiro Gondim de Vasconcellos, Murilo Alvarenga Oliveira, Renata Giovinazzo Spers


This study has as its objective to analyze the critical aspects of the innovation management in terms of structure, strategy and processes of innovation of the Natura and Oxiteno companies. In order to do so, the study reviewed the literature about innovation management, strategies and processes of innovation. A multiple case study was adopted for the Natura and Oxiteno cases. As their data, instrument documents were obtained and interviews were made with managers and researchers working with innovation in both companies. A qualitative approach for the proposed problem was also utilized. The result highlighted similarities and differences within the structures and strategies of how innovation is developed inside and outside each company and their own innovation processes. In the case of Natura, the innovation funnel and technology funnel were used, whereas, in the case of Oxiteno, the innovation funnel and technology silos. Natura was distinguished for their model of open innovation, within the network, and for its sustainability culture. On the other hand, Oxiteno stood out for the freedom it gave to researchers to propose innovation projects. The study presented contributions to the organizations and academia by indicating some limitations in their development processes, as well as suggestions for further studies.


Innovation management; Innovation capabilities; Innovation process; Open Innovation

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