The Influence of Technology Readiness Index in Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Study with Brazilian Entrepreneurs in the United States of America

Daniel Penz, Bianca Costa Amorim, Sabrina Nascimento, Carlos Ricardo Rossetto


This research has aimed to analyze the influence of the Technology Readiness Index (TRI) in the entrepreneurial orientation (EO) for Brazilian small-business men who have settled in the United States of America. The exploratory research or quantitative survey was based on a structural equation modeling, using SmartPLS (SEM-PLS). The sample was comprised of 107 Brazilian small-entrepreneurs who live in the United States. The results indicate the predominance of inducing technology factors in dimensions of optimism and innovativeness to the TRI, which suggests making use of new technologies. By excluding the dimensions of discomfort and insecurity on the TRI, it was revealed entrepreneurs feel more comfortable with technology and do not feel uncomfortable or insecure about using them. Regarding the entrepreneurial orientation, it was possible to perceive dimensions of risk propensity, proactive approach and innovativeness among those who participated in the survey. Concerning the relationship of both constructs, the TRI and the OE, the structural model has shown good fitting of 36%, which means the TRI explains the EO in 13%. In outline, it is to say the TRI fairly influences the entrepreneurial orientation of those Brazilian small-business men analyzed.


Technology Readiness Index; Entrepreneurial Orientation; Brazilian small-business men

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