Contribution of Social entrepreneurship to the Development of Cabo Verde: An exploratory study

Susana Bernardino, J. Freitas Santos, Maryzette Soares


Social entrepreneurship has been recognized as a valuable tool for promoting sustainable economic development. The aim of the study is to explore the extent to which Portuguese Non-Governmental Organizations for the Development (ONGDP) contribute to the development of Cape Verde (CV). Thus, we indend to identify and assess the projects developed by ONGDP in CV, to understand the difficulties faced and the underlying motivations. To this end a qualitative methodology was used through the collection and analysis of secondary data (desk research) and interviews with the responsible of six ONGDP working in CV. The study concluded that the ONGDP do not focus on one area of activity, but several, such as health, rural development, education and training, among others. We found that ONGPs act in partnership with local organizations, which are crucial for understanding the concrete reality. CV has been benefited from the projects because of te common languege shared. To obtain resources, most ONGDP rely on in-kind contributions and volunteering. The generation of social value was achieved mainly through economic generating activities, seen as the most effective to ensure a sustained social response. The main difficulties arise from the specific characteristics of the territory and its orography which have implications for accessibility and communication.


Social Entrepreneurship; Socio-Economic Development; Non-Governmental Organizations; Social Value



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