Approaches that Affect Consumer-Based Brand Equity

Denise Santos de Oliveira, Mauro Caetano, Ricardo Limongi França Coelho


Current studies on factors affecting the dimensions of consumer-based brand equity have been dispersed, applicable to specific contexts and not systematized in the literature. So, the purpose of this paper is to identify and categorize factors that create, increase or decrease each of the consumer-based brand equity dimensions: brand associations, brand awareness, perceived quality and brand loyalty. The extensive analysis of literature shows that there are significant differences between factors affecting each of the brand equity dimensions. Factors that positively affect one dimension cannot have the same effect on another. Moreover, it notes that the effect of such factors is variations when analyzed in different sectors and economic contexts. The main contribution of this research lies in the fact that it provides a research panorama already conducted on factors affecting the dimensions of consumer-based brand equity, indicating a potential for development of future studies. This research also enriches the literature categorizing the factors identified in the literature in four sets that allow the future targeting studies.


Brand Equity; Brand Associations; Brand Awareness; Perceived Quality; Brand Loyalty; Brand Management.

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