Study on business model components: a bibliometric research from 2009 to 2014

Giseli Alves Silvente, Clébia Ciupak, Julio Araujo Carneiro-da-Cunha


This article aims to identify the main aspects discussed by scholars regarding business model components. The methodology used was a bibliometric study, based on the Law of Zipf, whose keywords form “Business model” and “components”. Data were collected from the Capes scientific journals database from 2009 to 2014 and from the Web of Science database. The extracted articles underwent descriptive analysis and the data extracted from the Web of Science were processed through Bibexcel Software, in which it was possible to generate a citation matrix that was managed by the Ucinet64 software, generating a list of authors by importance according to the number of citations and their respective relations of co-citations. The results allowed to identify the main research streams about business model components addressed by the scholars, highlighting value proposition, clients, infrastructure, resources, revenue model and costs.


Business Model; Business Model Components; Bibliometric research.

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