How Technology Intelligence is Applied In Different Contexts?

Leandro Rodrigues Gonçalves, Fernando Carvalho de Almeida


Technology Intelligence is one of the many ways of applying Competitive Intelligence. As CI, TI intends to detect and process weak signals in order to identify opportunities and threats and provide actionable information. There is still a gap in reported cases of companies actually applying Technology Intelligence. This article intends to answer the research question: How companies build an actionable technology intelligence project? Case Study and Action-research approaches were applied for this research. The article describes two application cases: a research institute with a petrochemical industry as a client; and a private petrochemical industry. Companies seem to not know how to deal with Technology Intelligence. When outsourcing, they are more willing to pay for an extremely comprehensive project that not necessarily needs to be so deep and complex. When doing it internally, decision makers are not willing to wait and give the TI analysts resources to conduct a project in the right deepness and complexity. It seems like a “goldilocks problem” applied to Technology Intelligence.


Technology Intelligence; Technical Competitive Intelligence; Weak signals; Innovation management

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