Distance education: advantages and disadvantages of the point of view of education and society

Mayra Martins Santana de Oliveira, Antonio Sergio Torres Penedo, Vinícius Silva Pereira


This article aims to identify the main advantages and disadvantages of distance education for both students and the educational enterprise. The methodological procedure chosen was an exploratory case study aiming at an analysis of how effective this modality can be in relation to other traditional forms of teaching. In the course of the research it was possible to identify that the main advantage for the institution is the increase in the number of students attended. From the student's point of view, the main advantage is the flexibility offered by distance learning courses. It is possible that the distance modality continues to grow steadily, but it still seems utopian to say that at some point in the history of education, face-to-face teaching will become obsolete and thus be totally replaced by EAD. Not all students have the profile required to enter a distance learning course.


Distance education. Business. Educational Technologies

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